Frequently Asked Questions

Quite simply, anyone and everyone can benefit from massage and soft tissue therapy – not just sports people.

This is not the aim! At times it may feel uncomfortable if it is necessary to treat deeper areas of specific pain or tension, but feeling pain throughout the entire appointment is a common misconception.

This really depends on why you have booked your appointment. If you have a specific injury I will usually assess that area, but if you have come for a more general maintenance or relaxation massage you probably won’t need any prior assessment. A typical session is likely to include an initial assessment, and treatment of the problem area, followed by re-assessment to measure any changes. If appropriate, I will also offer stretches or exercises for you to do at home.

If you are having a treatment for your legs or hips then you may wish to arrive wearing a pair of shorts, or have some to change in to. If you are having a treatment on your back then it might be a good idea for ladies to wear a bra that has a traditional fastening at the back rather than a sports style bra. Ultimately though, you need to be comfortable! I will always make sure you never feel uncomfortable or exposed.

You are welcome to bring a chaperone to your appointment if you wish.

Your initial appointment should ideally be a 60 minute session in order to allow time to complete the medical history and discuss your treatment goals. After that, appointments can either be 30 or 60 minutes depending on your preference and what level of treatment is required.

No. Children and adults of all ages can benefit from massage and soft tissue therapy. But please note: children under 16 must be accompanied by an appropriate adult who must remain with them in the treatment room throughout the entire appointment.

No! If you have a virus, massage may encourage the virus to spread further around your body.

Before and after each appointment I perform rigorous antibacterial cleaning and change both the couch roll and towels to keep everyone as safe as possible. Wearing a mask is now optional.