April Is Stress Awareness Month

Did you know April is Stress Awareness Month?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines stress as a state of worry or mental tension caused by a difficult situation. Everyone will experience stress at some point in time, and it can be caused by many factors, and present itself in many ways.

Stress can affect both the mind and the body.

The WHO notes that a little bit of stress can be good and can help us perform daily activities. However too much stress can cause physical and mental health problems.

One of the best ways to help reduce stress is by undertaking activities that allow you to feel more relaxed.

A study published in 2020 shows that just 10 minutes of massage can have a positive effect on the body – leaving the participants feeling less stressed and more relaxed. Massage was found to help activate the parasympathetic nervous system (the bodies built-in system for managing and recovering from stress) and alleviate the physical and mental effects of stress.

Massage also encourages the body to slow down and enter a more calm, relaxed state.

A clinical trial found that following massage therapy participants had decreased levels of cortisol (the primary stress hormone) and increased levels of serotonin and dopamine (“happy hormones” that promote mental well-being).

Massage can also help relieve and reduce muscle tension.

When you feel stressed your body tightens involuntarily, causing your muscles to become tense. Massage encourages “muscle compliance” resulting in an increased range of motion in joints and reduces muscle stiffness.

Massage therapy techniques also help increase blood flow which provides muscles with increased oxygen and nutrients which are used for the repair of damaged muscular tissue. They also provide an increase in muscle temperature which allows the tissue to become more pliable.

I regularly treat clients who come to me with stress and muscle tension. On your first visit I will assess your current condition and take a brief medical/injury history. I can then focus on your specific problem or treatment requirement, which is likely to involve a range of soft tissue therapy and massage techniques designed to help treat your specific condition as quickly as possible.

My whole treatment approach is designed to be welcoming, relaxing and caring, and I take the time to listen, and to work out the best treatment approach for you, ensuring you can feel fully relaxed during your appointment.

For more information about how I may be able to help you why not get in touch.